Total Freedom – Filmprojekt aus den USA

Tree Media aus Californien plant einen Film zum bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen. Das Team um Mathew Schmid – Director, Leila Conners – Producer, Thom Hartmann und George DiCaprio – Executive Producer wollen den Film nicht nur ins Kino bringen, sondern damit eine breite Bewegung in den USA starten.

Hier kann man den Film supporten:
Indigogo Crowdfunding

Ansprechperson in Europa: Che Wagner


Interview mit Mathew Schmid bei RT Amerika:


Why We Are Making Total Freedom

In a time of accelerating income inequality and increasing efficiencies that prevent millions from participating in a meaningful economy comes a surprisingly simple solution: Unconditional Basic Income, which means that every man, woman and child receives a monthly income to cover basic expenses. Depending on the nation that could be around $2,500/adult/month. Sounds utopian? Actually, Unconditional Basic Income has been discussed by experts and economists from both the right and the left for 300 years, and it is being seriously discussed now from Europe to the United States.  That said, the subject is not yet well known to the general public and therefore we feel that the time for an Unconditional Basic Income discussion has arrived.  As such, we are supporting the Unconditional Basic Income movement by making a documentary feature film about it as well as creating several short films.  If this campaign is a success, the funds raised above the production budget will go to the UBI movement outlined below.

As part of the Unconditional Basic Income movement, we have made this campaign accessible to everyone and we hope that many people participate.

Please watch our promo and find out why implementing an Unconditional Basic Income for all may very well be how we solve many of our most pressing social and economic problems, break people from the bondage of economic servitude, and liberate human creativity and potential.  It sets us all free.



  1. so great this film. i just wrote a book about this because i deal with this my hole life and experienced how free i could be in a system like switzerland being more myself and with people than for the ystem , my truth, it does not fit any longer to our counsciousness, and this is the only way for change in a smooth sensitiv way. together. unicoin-a way into the magic presence-unicoin-ein weg in die magische…vielleicht auch eine diskussionsgrundlage..maybe also some aspects for a discussion? english at the end of january …lets make change together…look at www. mein-grundeinkommen. de…they dont just talk , they act..i love it…thank you so much for doing all this. corinna jochens la mare switzerland

  2. Hm, sieht leider nicht so aus als würde der Film sein Finanzierungsziel erreichen können.

    Die Ideologie der Vollzeitarbeit ist gerade in den USA von Links bis Rechts sehr dominant, da wird es eine Idee wie das BGE noch schwerer haben als in Europa fürchte ich.

  3. Cool, hoffe die Diskussion findet den Einzug in die amerikanische Gesellschaft. Bei den Amis ist auch entscheiden ob ein paar Promis das Ganze unterstützen sie könne solche Themen viel besser in die Öffentlichkeit rücken. Alles gute.

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